jeudi 25 mars 2010

Probably all of you are well aware of Google StreetView and Bing StreetSide.

If you have been looking forward to know what is the next step, well, you may find it as the VideoStreetView created by GlobalVision.

The website is matching internet maps and 360° immersive videos showing the position of the GlobalVision data-capture car. This way you add the time-dimension to the 360° immersive vision and get a much more lively picture of any given mapped area!

For information, the project has been run on 14'000 kilometers with a Citroen C-5 car, so far.
Many more functionnalities and contents are being added, allowing local hotels, restaurants, museums and other POI to showcase their place in either normal "flat" picture or 360° immersive pictures and virtual tours.

After this introduction, we would be honoured to receive your visit at :